You’ve chosen recycling
for this can today.

It waits for a big truck to take it away.

Other materials inside of the bin
cheer as the soup can comes tumbling in!

There’s metal and paper and plastic and glass—

do you recycle these things in your class?

All of these can be
repurposed again.

Let’s go to the plant and see
what happens then.

The truck has arrived
to deposit its load

for this recycling truck,
it’s the end of the road.

The Material Recovery
Facility (MRF) has plastic…

and metal and bottles. The piles are fantastic!

Conveyer-belt workers
are there to make sure

no garbage keeps all the
recycling pure.

So never throw garbage
into your blue bin,

just glass, cardboard, aluminum,
paper, plastic and tin.

Meanwhile, the soup can gets mixed in with metals.

A magnet has gathered and dropped them.
They’re settled.

The soup can is
squashed now,
but don’t be afraid…

it’s getting compressed so
new goods can be made!

Sorted, recycled
materials are loaded

in trucks where they’re shipped
to wherever they’re coded.


They’re shipped near
or far all over the earth

where they’ll get repurposed and find
a new worth.

Winnipeg glass
Minneapolis paper
Berea aluminum
Russel plastics
Mississauga steel
Whitby paper
Cambridge aluminum
China plastics, paper

They’re turned into goods
people use every day,

click to find out what the bales make today.

More cans!

We return to the kitchen to click and reveal,

click to find out
what the bales make today.


Recycled aluminum from drink cans and aluminum foil can be turned into doors and window frames — or a new bike frame!

Plastic #2

Recycled plastic from milk containers can be turned into clothing fabric, lawn furniture and recycling bins.


Recycled glass from jars and bottles can be crushed and used as a base for new roads — or used to make new glass containers!

Plastic #5

Recycled plastic from margarine containers can be turned into rakes, ice scrapers and flower pots.


Recycled paper from newspapers and magazines can be used to make toilet paper, tissues and paper towels.

Our recycling journey’s complete for today.

What happens if you throw your soup can away?

Take theGarbage journey